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Criminal Defense & Civil Litigation

Forensic toxicology is an objective science that was established to serve the pursuits of justice. Our interests are purely scientific and divested from any personal or political agendas. CVT is one of the few remaining forensic laboratories that can provide forensic toxicology services for either the prosecution or defense in criminal drug and alcohol cases.

Civil Litigation

Clarity is critical in civil disputes. CVT’s neutral posture often saves time and energy as CVT provides objective answers to disputes revolving around toxicology.

Common Requests by Attorneys:

  • Blood Tube Preservative (Sodium Fluoride)
  • Drug Screen/Confirmation/Level/Retest*
  • Substance Identification/Level/Purity**
  • Contraband Weight Measurement
  • Expert Consultation Services

*Any single drug from the Complete Drug List
**Note: (Pills, powders, liquid, paraphernalia, and other matter) This is not a complete chemical composition analysis. It is an assay for     drugs and is limited to the 300 drugs on our Complete Drug List.

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